Evidation App Review 2022: Make Money for Being Healthy

Evidation App Review 2022: Evidation is an app for mobile devices which rewards users for keeping track of their fitness and health status. Users earn points which they can exchange for gift cards, cash or even donate to charities.

The app awards users up to 80 points for each every day. users need to accumulate 10,000 points in order to cash out 10 dollars. Users install the app on their mobiles and then connect to other health apps to earn money.

The Evidation health application awards users points for performing healthy things such as eating a healthy food plan, walking, or conducting health questionnaires. The application works by connecting to different applications that are health-related on mobile.

The app connects to over 40 different applications that include Apple Health, Samsung Health, myfitnesspal, Fitbit, Breathe, Garmin, and Strava. You earn points for each step you record using Evidation-connected apps, and you can accumulate as much as 80 points per day.

Evidence calculates user’s points depending on a variety of factors that include the type of activity as well as the applications an individual utilizes. Furthermore, the points could be either fixed or variable.

You can access the platform by downloading it onto your phone, registering and linking with various health apps to begin earning points.

Evidation App Review 2022


What is the Maximum You Can Earn From an Evidence App?

It is possible to earn more than $28 per year using the Evidation application. You earn around an hourly rate of around 80 point for every task you perform and then track through the platform.

You earn around 28,000 or more points each year. Each point have a value of $1. That’s more than $28 per year if you calculate it.

The amount of points you get will differ depending on the task you perform and the app you are using. For example, keeping track of your steps while walking through Apple Health earns you 4000 steps, whereas using the Fitbit application to track the same activity will earn you 1,000 points.

What are other Methods to Earn Money from Documentation?

Participating in the Evidation app’s referral program is another way to make money aside from sharing your health and fitness activities. Evidation rewards you with 100 points for every new user you refer to join the app. Therefore, referring 15 friends earns you 1500 points worth $1.5.

Evidation Reviews: Is Evidation Legit?

Review WebsiteRatings
Google Play Store3.9
App Store4.6

Evidation is a legitimate application that has received both praise and criticism from review platforms. A feature that has earned praise is the app’s WCAG compliance, which means it is available for screen recording devices. This helps the app stand out from other apps similar to it.

Many users praise this app due to how simple it is to earn cash while also improving mental and physical well-being.

Apart from the positive reviews, Evidation has received complaints from users who experience issues with the app’s accuracy in sync particularly with apps such as MapMyRide as well as Fitbit. Therefore, Evidation might not show every activity on the app in certain instances.

Who is the person to provide evidence for?

Evidation is ideal for individuals who want to lead a healthier lifestyle and be better physically and mentally. And, they can use the app to make some extra dollars while at it, making it an application with a good cause.

What Are Evidation Points Worth? are Worth?

You count yourself $10 richer if you amass 10,000 points on the Evidation application. The amount translates to about $1 for every 1000 Evidation points.

How do I redeem points with a Documentation?

You can use your points via the app for cash or direct deposit cards, or even donating to charities as described in the following sections:

1. Cash

The Evidence app allows you to cash out $10 when you’ve accumulated 10,000 points in the application. You can cash out using PayPal.

2. Direct Deposit

You can also cash out your earnings to withdraw them directly from the bank account of your choice. For example, you could redeem 20,000 points in exchange for $20 and deposit them to the bank account of your choice.

3. Gift Cards

The app also lets users to exchange their points for gift cards at the most well-known online stores like Amazon.

4. Donating

Evidence can also allow you to give back to the community by redeemed points into contributions to charitable organizations like UNICEF.

Evidation Hacks

The best way to increase your points on this app is to track your walking steps more if user reviews on this method are anything to go by. Some users claim that using this hack increased their total Evidation points by earning them 25 points for 5000 steps.

What are the Evidence Pros and Pros and

Evidation Pros

  • The Evidence program allows you to make a few bucks by ensuring you live a healthy life.
  • The platform encourages healthy physical and mental wellbeing for those who use it and for those who have yet to sign up to Evidation.
  • The app meets the WGAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • Individuals can use and access the app at no cost.

Evidation Cons

  • The evidence is only available to those who reside in the US.
  • You will need to download additional applications to link them with Evidation to earn points redeemable for cash.

Evidation Review Verdict: Is Evidation Worth It?

Evidation is worth it, not for the earnings you make from the app, but rather for improving your health. The earnings are not decent amounts you can use to clear your bills, but you can take charge of your physical and mental wellbeing with the app.

You can earn up around $30 per annum when you use evidence to monitor how you’re doing in terms of fitness. Therefore, the app isn’t an app that can earn you fast money. If you’re interested in fitness and health and fitness, you could ignore the money and focus on getting more fit.

How do I Sign Up With Evidence?

The following are the steps involved when signing up with the Evidation health app:

  1. Then, download Evidation from either the Google Play Store or the App Store and install it on your Android or iOS phone.
  2. The next step is to give your email address and then create your password.
  3. Thirdly, create your proof of identity profile by entering your personal details.
  4. Then, you will receive an email confirmation for your confirmation of account in four days.
  5. The process of signing up is now complete and you are now able to connect your apps and earning points.

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