Instacart Shopper Review 2022 | Is Instacart Worth It In 2022

Instacart Shopper Review 2022

Instacart Shopper Review 2022

What exactly is Instacart ?

Instacart is a food delivery and pickup service located on the US. The company was founded in 2012 and has since been rolled out across more than five thousand US cities. As an Instacart customer, your task is to go to the grocery store to purchase items for customers’ behalf, and then deliver groceries to them the same day. Instacart is a fantastic alternative to a side hustle for those who wish to earn a living in order to workout and go shopping.

What are the hours of delivery?

The usual delivery hours run from 9am to 10 pm. Visit the website of Instacart for more details on the service’s general hours and the delivery window that is available in your region.

Is it for free?

Instacart costs nothing to sign-up and make use of.

How can I reach the customer support of HTML0?

To reach Instacart customer support Go to Instacart’s site and then click contact. Then, fill in the contact form and send it.

Do you think driving for them is worthwhile?

Instacart is expensive, but well worthwhile. You can work as you like, but make sure to keep practicing your customer service abilities.

What’s the Process of Instacart Function?

Instacart allows you to;

  • Connect to those who are in need of grocery items.
  • Locate orders, shop and deliver them to your customers
  • Cash out immediately
  • Earn more money with the best tips to provide top-quality service

What Can You Create With it?

The amount you earn using Instacartvaries according to what type of shopper you select.

If you opt to be a full-service customer you are able to work according to your personal time-table. The amount Instacart will pay you completely will depend on how many orders you’ll complete.

Based on the FastCompany According to FastCompany receive a minimum payment of $7-$10 per purchase as a full-service customer. The amount does not include tips from customers, which directly go to your profits. Instacart offers a variety of kinds of bonuses and promotions opportunities to earn even more money.

On the other hand customers who shop in stores are Instacart employees making an hourly salary of $13 per hour on average. It is possible to schedule shifts according to your availability, which can be up at 29 working hours per week.

What is Instacart the best choice for?

Instacart is among the top gig-worker websites, Instacart is best for those who wish to earn money by purchasing goods and then delivering them to their customers.

How to Earn Money with Instacart?

Full-Service Shopping

If you are a full service shopper you’ll shop and then take orders. You’ll require a valid driver’s license, as well as access to a car. you will be an independent contractor and are able to choose your own work time. You’ll earn money for each item you place in the order and for each delivery. Instacart gives full-service shoppers weekly pay.

Shopping in-store

As an in-store salesperson, you’ll work in the store, buying and preparing orders for pickup. So, you won’t require access to your vehicle.

In the role of an in-store shopper you are an employee part-time at Instacart as opposed to an individual contractor. But, you’re still in a position to be able to work an unrestricted timetable.

Let’s look at an easy step-by-step method of making money by working as an Instacart customer.

Full-Service Shopping

1. Approved to shop

Go to and follow the signup instructions. Instacart will examine your application and inform you once you have been approved.

Step 2. Fill in the forms

You must complete an independent contractor contract and the tax form W-9.

Step 3 : Select the items you wish to buy

After you have been approved, you’ll be able to see orders in your current location within the app. You can select the order you’d like to complete and begin earning.

Step 4: Take your Instacart card for shopping

All Instacart customers use an already loaded payment card to pay for customer orders. It generally takes between 5 and seven business days to get the card of your registered shopper.

step 5: Shop for your customers’s orders

When you’ve selected your purchase from the application, you’re now ready to go shopping. You can go to the store that you selected and choose the items that your customer ordered.

6. Connect to your client

Inform your customers that the product is no longer in supply and explain how to get it replaced using the built-in messenger.

7. Deliver the purchase directly to the customer

After you’ve bought all of the items and have delivered the purchase. The app will show you your exact location of your client using your built-in map.

Step 8 Cash out immediately or earn points

Once you have delivered the order, the profits will be available for you immediately. Some customers leave tips for youto collect, that are completely yours.

In-Store Shopper

Step 1 – Submit an online application at

Step 2. Participate in the in-person orientation

This step is part of the process of onboarding. You are able to select the best session for you using your application.

Step 3. Fill in the form

As a shopper in the store As an in-store shopper, you must take a job offer and tax form W-4.

Step 4. Prepare your customers’ orders to pick up

You shop on the customer’s behalf , and then take the order to pick up.

step 5: Connect directly with the customer

If you have any questions about your purchase, you can utilize the built-in chat feature of the app to reach out to your customer.

Step 6 – Get paid weekly

Instacart is able to pay as an on-site customer weekly depending on the number of time you’ve been working.

Advantages: What Do Instacart Have to Offer?

Wide Coverage

Instacart operates in over 5500 cities in all of the U.S. and Canada. Its locations span from sprawling urban areas like San Francisco and New York to smaller communities like Spring Creek. Many shoppers have the chance to earn money.

Sign-up is Free

In contrast to other platforms the process of signing up with Instacart is absolutely free. After you’ve completed an online form and been accepted, you’re free to begin.

You can manage your own shifts

Instacart Instacart Instacart, you can control your own shifts right via the application.

Simple to Use App

The app is simple and user-friendly.


Anyone can be a shopper regardless of prior experience. There are however some fundamental requirements that must be met before being taken into consideration for a position.

Essential requirements

  • At minimum 18 years old
  • You must be able to work in the US
  • Check your background
  • You should have a current smartphone (iOS 9 or Google 4.4 or higher)

Full-service customers must be able to:

  • A valid driving license
  • Access to unlimited accessibility to an insurance car
  • Ability to lift 50lbs
  • A set of bags that are insulated or a cooler for delivering orders.

Costs to Be Considered

If you are a full-service shopper you’re an individual contractor. This means that Instacartdoesn’t offer employees with benefits like gas, insurance, etc.

There are many expenses to think about when thinking about doing business through Instacart. The monthly costs will include purchasing insurance and maintaining the gas tank and paying for maintenance for your vehicle. Additionally, you are responsible for making your own tax filings.

But, if you’d like to be a store shopper automobile-related costs will not be applicable to you.

What are the terms and options for payouts?

Instacart offers different policies for payment for in-store and full-service shoppers. They pay full-service shoppers for each quantity completed. The quantity of items in an order,

kind of products that you can purchase, the time spent buying and delivering, along with the driving distance determine the amount you make per batch.

If you’re a full-service consumer, your cash is immediately accessible following the completion of the order. This means you are able to transfer your money onto your bank account at any time. If you do not request your withdrawal in advance, then the business will pay you each Wednesday.

In the role of an in-store shopper you’re an Instacart employee who earns an hourly salary. In this instance, Instacart pays you every Friday through direct deposit or check.

Reviews: Is this Legit?

Instacartis is a genuine and reliable business that offers an efficient, safe option to purchase groceries, without having to go to stores. It has a score at 1.8 for Sitejabber, 1.3 on Trustpilot in addition to 2.6 in Consumer Affairs the majority of negative reviews focused on bad customer service. Others believe that judging them based on what’s inside the store is unjust.

Some users have also complained about excessively high prices, such as the possibility of paying up to 20 percent of the price of groceries.

But, Instacart has gathered a couple of positive reviews, with many customers praising the company for speedy service and excellent communication. Some also appreciated how they are able to keep track of the order and ensure that it is the item is delivered.

What are the pros & Pros and


  • There are no minimum hours necessary to shop.
  • Earn $3 per 5-star rating.
  • A majority of customers will offer to tip you for your excellent service.
  • It’s user-friendly and has never had any problems.


  • There is no guarantee of the quantity of orders
  • Since tipping is not mandatory certain customers will not tip.

How Effective is Support as well as Knowledge Base?

Instacart provides a vast support system that includes blog FAQs frequently asked tips, guides and ideas. They can also be reached through the Contact page. Therefore, Instacart can be considered useful.

Review Verdict: is Instacart Worth It?

Instacartis an excellent option for grocery delivery particularly if the stores that you shop at regularly participate with the program. It’s also a great site for gigs online that lets you earn anywhere from $9 to $48 per hour. If you’re in search of the most lucrative gigs as well as delivery options, then the traditional Instacart service is an choice.

How do I Earn Through them?

First, you need to create an account at After providing basic details then you have to download an application via your App Store or Google Play. After you have completed the sign-up process , you will need to conduct an identity check using the application.

Online application is around 5 minutes, and doesn’t need to write a motivational letter to be accepted. But a background check can take a little longer. When you are ready you will need to furnish the company with additional details about yourself and your background.

When you’ve submitted an online request, Instacart needs time (up up to 10 , business day) to look over your profile. According to what Instacart customers say that the process of reviewing your profile generally takes less time than the time required.

How can you earn more Through this?

Tip 1: Use Hot Spots on Hot Spots

Certain areas are more crowded than other areas. Locate areas that are in high demand and place orders in these hot areas. Instacart emphasizes the areas of high demand using red rectangle areas. Pink hue indicates moderate demand, whereas greyish-white indicates the normal (or less) demand.

Tips 2: Get Fast Results

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be in a hurry every minute of the day. But if you are able to shop fast and manage numerous orders, you’ll earn more. Instacart also gives rewards to those who are among the fastest shoppers in the region and at the at the top of their leaderboard.

Tips 3: Maximize your Chance to Get Tips

Being kind, positive and polite will maximize your opportunities to get tips. Be sure to inform your client whenever things don’t go as expected. Be sure to inform them that the item they ordered is not in stock or if you are delayed in the traffic. Keep in mind that poor communication, rudeness, or tardiness means you will not receive any advice from your customers.

Tip 4 – Go online during peak hours

Every region is unique and has their own peak time which is the time of day when there is a higher demands for this service than is normal. Find out the times of peak demand for your location and attempt to be online during these hours. The Instacart app does not directly display high-traffic times, however you’ll recognize peak times when you’ve been an shopper over the course of an entire week.

Tip 5 – Make the most of promotional and bonus opportunities

The best way to find gig work at home, it offers many promotions and bonuses that are based on the work you do. Make sure that you stay current with the latest offers and make sure you are able to take in the most promotions you can. You can find promotions and bonus offers in the dashboard area of your mobile application.

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