Survey Junkie Review 2022 | Scam Or Legit?

Survey Junkie Review 2022: Survey Junkie is an online market research community that awards members with points who take surveys, browse the web , and completing the profile questionnaires. Points can be used to purchase cash or electronic gift cards.

Survey Junkie is owned by DISQO the consumer insights platform, which was founded in the year the year 2011. The more than a decade-long history and recognition from the Better Business Bureau speaks to the credibility of Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie Review 2022


The Way Survey Junkie Works

Many brands rely on DISQO Survey Junkie, the subsidiary company to collect the insights of consumers and provide data to them. Survey Junkie merely provides the methods of collecting the information.

Survey Junkie has two parts of the platform it operates: SJ Opinion and SJ Pulse.

SJ Opinion

SJ Opinion is the survey component of the platform. Users create a profile for themselves and Survey Junkie uses the data to determine if users meet the criteria set by different surveys. Users earn points for each survey they take. These points could be exchanged for cash payments.

SJ Pulse

SJ Pulse records users’ internet browsing habits to earn points. Because of privacy laws, users have to sign up with SJ Pulse and install a browser extension to earn rewards. Users are able to join SJ Opinion, which is the SJ Opinion community but without joining SJ Pulse. But, SJ Pulse members qualify for exclusive surveys and other perks. SJ Pulse is not currently available for iOS devices, however it’s in the process of being made available.


No matter how they choose in order to accumulate points. are able to redeem points for E-gift cards, or cash through PayPal or direct transfer to the bank account.

The most interesting features of Survey Junkie

GOBankingRates provided Survey Junkie a 4.1 overall score for the following features.


Survey Junkie lets you give your input to help determine the future of products and services that you are passionate about.

In contrast to many other surveys, Survey Junkie offers only two methods of earning points and pay outs by taking surveys and the ability for Survey Junkie to record online browsing, searching , and shopping patternsvia SJ Pulse. If you don’t consider privacy on the internet too seriously, SJ Pulse may be an simple way to earn extra points in addition to filling out surveys. Survey Junkie does encrypt all personal data that it collects and sends to researchers conducting the study.

Earnings Potential

A Survey Junkie biggest questions is “How much can I earn from doing survey?” Survey Junkie states on its website that amount of time spent by users and the methods they take part in and their goals for earning, affect how much they make.

Participating in online surveys is typically not a major chance to earn money as well, and earning from Survey Junkie is no different. Survey Junkie states that the average time to complete a survey is around 15 minutes, which means the user will require an extended period of time to earn real cash. For instance, the website says that by taking three surveys a day the users could earn up to $40 per month.

Points Valuation

Points earned by users are worth one cent each. Therefore, 500 points will be worth $5, which is the amount that users need to cash out. It’s not a bad sum of cash for those who can meet this requirement just by taking surveys or browsing the internet.

The points earned don’t appear to be determined by the estimated time needed to complete surveys or the number of questions. Some surveys aren’t worth the effort. If you’re willing to spend 20 minutes just to earn just a few cents may not be worth the time.

Users who earn over $600 in the calendar year will receive the 1099-T tax return.

Customer Service

If you’re unable to get the information you’re looking for to know on Survey Junkie website, you cannot contact them or send an send an email. Instead, you’ll need to fill out an “Contact Customer Support” form that is available on the website. You may also be able to contact Survey Junkie customer support through its Twitter and Instagram, or the Facebookaccounts.


The degree of flexibility is different with Survery Junkie — especially in the purchase of gift cards and conducting surveys.

At the minimum amount of 500 points, customers are able to cash out using PayPal or via straight transfer to an account at a bank. While e-gift cards can be bought, buyers may need to contact an Survey Junkie representative to complete the purchase. Many may find this to be inconvenient.

Furthermore, there are more surveys accessible to those who log into a PC rather than a mobile device. Additional surveys are accessible at the discretion of SJ Pulse members. Members of SJ Pulse must agree to accept Survey Junkie to track their browsing habits. The platform is provided with more data about the users than users who only fill out the survey. This means that more surveys will be connected.

Surveys do not stay up indefinitely. Based on Survey Junkie, they typically fill up in between 24 and 48 hours. There is a maximum amount of participants in the survey, and those with higher value are bound to be taken quicker. Anyone who has the chance to visit the site throughout the day have the greatest chances of being able to participate in those surveys that pay more prior to reaching capacity.

What Do You Know If Your Survey Junkie stands out

Survey Junkie stands out due to the fact that it has a very low minimum payout threshold of $5. It also lets users view the time that it takes to complete a survey as well as the points to be awarded and can prove useful for those with a the time available.

How to Apply

Survey Junkie’s sign-up form is easy. Sign-ups can be made by using their Facebookor Google accounts, or sign up using the email addresses of their choice. Although the initial sign-up procedure is simple and quick the users will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire regarding their earnings, shopping habits and educational background, along with other personal information. The users also earn points for filling out the profile questionnaire.

The responses to these questions help Survey Junkie to match users with the best opportunities for survey participation. The more information that users share with Survey Junkie, the more surveys the platform will offer.

To sign up to become an active Member of Survey Junkie, go to the homepage of the site, click on”green “Join Now” button, provide your email address, and accept the terms of service and privacy policies. After that, click on the green “Sign up” button. Follow the next steps to set up your account.

Who is the Best Surveyor? Junkie is the best choice for?

Survey Junkie is a good option for those with access to the internet throughout the day. access the internet and take surveys when the surveys are made available. Because surveys are based on a limit for participants, they may necessitate constant checking for available surveys. While the earning potential of Survey Junkie isn’t that great however, it is an easy method of earning some extra cash every now and then.

Final Take

The process of earning points as well as cashing are simple, whether online or via Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie app. To get the most value from Survey Junkie, users should complete the entire questionnaire and use a PC instead of the mobile app and join SJ Pulse.

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