BookScouter Review 2022 | What is it & How it Works

BookScouter Review 2022: BookScouter operates an online platform to purchase and selling textbooks as well as other books. If you have a few books that are no longer in use that you can sell through the site can be a great option to earn cash.

With more than 30 vendors to pick from, you’re certain to find a great price. The platform also comes with an evaluation system that means you can read reviews about vendors before committing to selling their books.

BookScouter Review 2022


What is BookScouter’s Work?

BookScouter allows you to;

  • Find over 30 buyback sellers When you type in the ISBN of your book into your search box, you will be able to find sellers.
  • Compare prices and feedback from sellers Check out the various vendors and the prices they have listed for each book.
  • Sell your book to make the highest amount of money When your book is in excellent condition they can be sold and be paid.

BookScouter is a breeze to use no matter if you use the app or the web site. All you have to do is scan and enter the textbook’s ISBN to start.

When you enter the ISBN number, you’ll receive buy-back rates from various vendors on different areas. The scores provided by members are listed next to names of vendors as well as their cost. Therefore, before making the selling decision, you will have access to all the data.

Once you’ve decided on the vendor, you’ll need to mail your books to the seller by using their preferred shipping service. Many of the vendors who buyback on BookScouter offer a prepay label, which means all you have to do is package your textbooks and send them.

After that, the vendor has received the package and makes the payment within 3 business days following the delivery.

How Much Can You Earn with BookScouter?

The amount you can earn selling your book on BookScouter differs between books. Additionally, different sellers offer different prices on the exact same title.

As an example, suppose you’re interested in selling your book, for example “Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography: Expert Consult”. The vendors offer a variety of rates for the book, ranging between between $6 and $60. I must mention that higher prices are provided by vendors that are rated highly.

What is the way that BookScouter Earn Profit?

BookScouter won’t take a charge from you for its base tools. If you are thinking of selling books frequently as well in bulk quantities, may benefit from tools from BookScouter Professional Tools.

BookScouter Pro

You can join this program through BookScouter Pro and try it without cost in 30 days. Following that, the BookScouter Pro costs $29.99 per month for the tools included with it.

We’ll discuss Bookscouter Pro features below, which include:

  • Deals
  • Notifications
  • Pricing history
  • Tracking
  • Bulk search


Utilizing Deals feature Deals function, you are able to take a look at:

  1. The lowest price that the seller will offer to purchase the book in question.
  2. The highest price for buy-back from a different seller for the same book.

So you’ll be able flip books and earn a earnings.


This feature lets you establish a minimum price to your novel. If a seller is interested in purchasing it for the price you set, you’ll receive an email notification.

It is possible to do this for many books. All you need to do is to scan or input the ISBN numbers and then the BookScouter algorithm will take care of the rest.

Historic Pricing

By using an historical price, one can look back at the history of buy-back prices for a particular book and determine its purchasing patterns as well as seasonal prices.

If you’re trying to get the most of your sales, this article extremely useful.


Buy-back tracking is a way to track the books that you’ve distributed to vendors. It’s not necessary to keep records of these manually.

Bulk Search

Bulk search is a different tool that can be extremely helpful when you’re selling books in large volumes. This tool can search for several ISBNs at once and obtain information about them all at once.

There is the option to export this data to an Excel spreadsheet and then analyze the data however you’d like.

Who is BookScouter best for?

BookScouter is designed for;

  • Students who wish to sell their textbooks that they no longer require and receive the most value
  • Anyone who wants to reduce clutter. Everyone who wishes to get rid of clutter and earn extra cash can benefit from BookScouter.
  • Book stores that are trying to make space by moving inventory swiftly.
  • Side hustlers who wish to make money flipping textbooks.

What Can You Sell on BookScouter?

BookScouter allows you to sell all your regular, used books and textbooks. However, just because you have a textbook doesn’t mean you’ll sell it if no one wants to buy it. The platform also doesn’t allow you to sell a book you don’t own the rights for.

BookScouter Benefits: What does BookScouter Provide?

Track Price Changes

Apart from keeping track of price fluctuations, BookScouter ensures you get price alerts.

Best Price Recommendations

By comparing the prices of textbooks for buyback, BookScouter ensures you receive the most affordable prices on your textbooks.

Vendor Ratings

BookScouter provides a list of reviews and ratings with their feedback process. These ratings are intended to assist you in selling your book with confidence.

Buyback Ressources

BookScouter also provides a number of strategies for you, regardless of whether this is an initial time for you to sell books when you own your own book-buying business.

BookScouter Scholarship Program

If you’re a student currently enrolled at an accredited college or university You can avail of the scholarship program that BookScouter provides.

The BookScouter scholarship program offers an annual $500 scholarship to a student who wants to purchase books.

BookScouter scholarship Eligibility:

StatusIn a recognized college or university
GPA2.0 or more
Min. credit hours enrolledMore than 10 hours

If you’re eligible to be a part of the program, you’ll be required to follow the application procedure which includes the following steps:

  1. Complete the questionnaire.
  2. Make a video of you mentioning your name, the name of your college as well as the most costly book you could buy, and including the price.

If you’re chosen to be a part of the team, you’ll have to submit an interview with a brief description of your personal and academic goals in addition.

Free Shipping

The majority of the sellers on BookScouter offer free shipping. This means that you don’t need to fret about shipping costs.

Costs for BookScouter: What Much Will It Cost You to use BookScouter?

BookScouter doesn’t charge any fees for the service they provide; instead, they make their money through affiliate links and their Pro tools.

What are the BookScouter requirements?

To sell your books with BookScouter you need to;

  • Register for a free account on
  • Maintain your books in good condition, or in a near new condition. The platform will accept books even if they’re not in good condition.
  • Before you sign up, make sure to check the ratings of the vendor before deciding to accept the offer.
  • Check that your book is registered with an ISBN.

BookScouter Payout Conditions and Options

While every vendor provides a different payment schedule, most will pay you within one to three days of receiving your shipment. The method you choose also determines how long it takes to receive your payment. Compared to a mailed check that takes an additional three to seven days, you can instantly receive your PayPal payments.

BookScouter Reviews: Is BookScouter Legit?

BookScouter is a legit website that connects you with vendors who offer you quotes for your used textbooks. The legitimacy of the platform is approved by thousands of users who have left reviews on Trustpilot 2.1, Apple Store 4.1, and Google Play 4.4.

The majority of users on these platforms have described it as an app that lets you determine the price for books resold and to get the most value for your books that you are planning to sell. Many were also delighted that they could get payments through PayPal which is easy.

Though the majority of reviews are positive but some users are unhappy about the lack of features and bugs within the application. Some users also claimed that the customer support isn’t the most efficient.

It’s safe to say that BookScouter is a reliable platform that can help you get the most price for buying back your books, without having to research it on your own.

App Store4.1
Google Play4.4

What are the BookScouter Pros and Pros &

BookScouter Pros

  • It is easy and simple to use both the app and the website
  • BookScouter lets you locate the best deals , without having to charge an additional fee
  • The platform provides professional tools that can be used to market textbooks in the bulk
  • The app includes the option to scan the ISBN code, which will save you time

BookScouter’s Cons

  • There are some functional issues with the application
  • These deals may not be the most lucrative – you could occasionally sell your textbooks on campus for a price that is higher

How good is BookScouter’s Support?

BookScouter has a helpful support base, including frequently asked questions pages , blogs, and articles that cover various topics. Examples of topics covered include tips for selling your textbooks, how it works, and more. You can also contact them by clicking contact on the website and sending a message.

BookScouter Review Verdict: Is BookScouter Worth It?

Overall, I’d say that BookScouter is definitely a worthy platform. You don’t have to pay them anything and you save hours on searching for vendors by using BookScouter.

In addition, you’re unlikely make money selling your book, but you will get back the majority of the money you paid for the book. You can, for instance, make as much as $77 from selling your textbook.

For the Pro Tools, if you’re planning to sell your books regularly and in large quantities the Pro Tools will be beneficial. There’s also no harm in attempting the 30-day trial before deciding whether or not Pro Tools are worth it. Pro Tools are worth it your time.

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