Mistplay App Review 2022 | Is it Legit or Scam

Mistplay App Review 2022: Mistplay is an app available to download through the Google Play Store. The app was launched in 2017 by Henri Charles Machalani The app was created to give users the opportunity to play games.

The platform has an incentive program for loyalty that is used to reward users by way of points. The points earned can be later used to redeem rewards like Steam credit and gift cards and other rewards.

Mistplay App Review 2022


What is Mistplay And How Do They Function?

Mistplay is an application which allows users to play various games. Mistplay isn’t actually a game however it is a way for players to discover new games and also earn money to play the games. Sign up to Mistplay and earn money today.

How can you earn money playing games? The market for mobile apps is very saturated and there’s not a lot of space for games that are new. Game developers recognize the issue and make use of reward platforms, like Mistplay for example, to show off their game to a larger public.

Mistplay receives a fee from game designers in exchange for their games appearing in Mistplay. Mistplay platform. As an Mistplay user you’re getting a part of the money through rewards.

Developers can also utilize Mistplay to collect feedback and conduct research from players. The use of Mistplay lets game developers to analyze the data supplied by users and adjust the application to adapt it to the intended audience.

The reward system is made possible by a tiny percentage of the cash that developers receive is paid to players to motivate users to continue using the application. Mistplay will be able to keep its huge user base and keep the cycle going.

How Do I Begin to Use Mistplay

To begin using Mistplay it is necessary to install the Mistplay application onto your Android phone via on the Google Play Store to start earning a little extra cash. Once this process is completed then you’ll have to modify the phone’s settings to enable the Mistplay application to work properly. These adjustments are:

  • Allow Mistplay to display above any other apps running
  • Check that your phone’s power saving mode is off

This is an essential stepbecause you won’t be able to earn points if the changes haven’t been applied by your mobile.

How Can You Earn Money In Mistplay?

Earning money involves making points and being capable of accumulating points by playing games. Points could be used cash out a range reward once you’ve reached the minimum number of units specified by Mistplay.

Different play times vary between two and five minutes. There are numerous conditions that must be met to earn points. When you have completed the game or reach some specific goal in this game, the system instantly will notify you of your accomplishment.

You’re required submit your own summary of your experience regarding this gameplay. The summary includes responding to a couple of questions about the experience you experienced while engaging in the game. It is necessary to submit the summary in order to earn points.

The Meaning of Units, GXPS, and PXPS

Mistplay is the quantity an individual earns by using the point system. In the point system, there are three kinds of points that you could earn. They are referred to as GXP PXP, GXP and units. What are the meanings of these points?

GXP (Game Experience Points)

GXP, also known as game experience points can be used to symbolize time. What exactly does this mean? The type of score utilized to give players a reward for the time they put into the game. You can earn more GXP by spending longer playing the game.

The profile you have on Mistplay will be influenced on the level of GXP that you collect. As much GXP you earn the more units you’ll be able to earn. Why is it essential to increase your level? The greater the number of Units you have on your Mistplay profile holds, the more amount of rewards you are able to redeem.

PXP (Player Experience Points)

PXP can be used to show your entire experience as a player in Mistplay. You earn PXP when you level up in a certain game that you’re playing on Mistplay. These points of PXP allow you to gain units.


You do not earn units by playing games in the Mistplay application. Every time your profile is leveled up, you’ll earn units.

They are created through the accumulation of GXP and PXP. They are Mistplay’s currency, and could be utilized to purchase prizes like Visa Prepaid cards and Google Play gift cards, as well as other rewards.

Who is able to use the App?

It is essential to understand who is eligible to use the Mistplay application, as you don’t want to spend time setting up and registering in the event that there’s no way to get paid money or play.

You must reside in a nation that is accepted by Mistplay. Some of these countries are those of the United States, Canada, Singapore as well as a large number of European countries. If you’re not a resident of any of the countries that are supported by Mistplay Unfortunately you’re not doing anything about it. Consequently, it’s impossible to use the application. You aren’t able to connect via an VPN however, and should you attempt to use one, you’ll be automatically blocked.

Mistplay is rated as T for Teen, which means that any user who is 13 or older is eligible to use the application. This is one of the very few apps that earn money that teens can apply to use.

It is also not possible to utilize the application if you own the IOS device. Only Android devices can download Mistplay. Also, you can’t utilize any Android emulator to to download the application even if you own one of the IOS device.

It’s only for a brief period as Mistplay has revealed that on its Mistplay website that the IOS Version of their app is scheduled to be launched, but there’s no date for when it will be.

How Can You Be Paid?

When you’ve achieved enough points and earned enough units, you can trade them in to earn rewards. The swapping process can be accomplished via the Tango card that is Mistplay’s partner. You can exchange points you’ve earned. points you’ve earned for credits in-app and gift cards purchased from various retail stores and online stores. In-app credits are used to unlock certain games.

Within Mistplay 1500 Units is equivalent to $5.00 when you swap it for an Visa card. The the equivalent of 3,000 units is redeemable to purchase $10.00 amount of Steam Credit.

The gift cards that are available can be used at the following shops:

  • Google Play
  • GameStop
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Amazon

Make sure you select the correct payment method and the correct email for your reward order. This is important because when you ask the exchange of your units in exchange in exchange for prizes, you’re not able to modify or cancel the transaction in the event of an error.

You should be able to receive the gift card in 48-hours after placing your order. The gift card will be sent to you via email address, which is why you’ll need to look within 48 hours.

How Much Cash Can You Make With Mistplay?

Like many other platforms that allow you to earn cash to play games the profits you earn through Mistplay differ. There are two common factors that play a part in determining the amount you will make. These include:

The time spent playing

As I said before the length of time you invest in games can increase the GXP points you earn. These points will help you build up more units, which can be used to purchase gift cards.

This is why the amount you earn is contingent on the number you earn in GXP points you earn. You can increase the amount your earnings are by increasing the time you play the games offered by Mistplay.

What is the number of levels Do You Go Through

The game’s level you’re playing at affects the you can earn. The more rapidly and faster you advance in a specific game, the higher number of Points and Units you’ll be able to earn, and exchange to earn rewards.

How does Mistplay earn money?

Many people are wondering what the source of Mistplay receives the cash to pay players for playing games or how it is able to make money even though you do not have to pay in order to downloade application.

Mistplay is an application that performs game-testing to game developers. Playing these games and giving feedback helps developers to discover any issues in the game and then put measures in in order to ensure that the issues are addressed.

The game creators pay to use the services Mistplay offers, which allows them to test their product.

Advantages of Mistplay

Earning rewards in exchange to play games on your phone is a fantastic idea. Mistplay has a variety of functions that are advantageous to its customers. They include:

Redeem Gift Cards While Playing Games

You’ll be able to get gift cards that vary in value between $0.50 up to $50.00. The gift cards can be exchanged with Units are earned through playing games.

Earn Money Doing Something You Do for Free

The app offers a huge variety of games that players can enjoy. You might have heard of or played some games prior to.

This is a great opportunity for you if already enjoy playing games because it’s the same game, but you’re compensated for it through Mistplay’s platform. Who wouldn’t like to be money for doing something they love?

There is no need for Credit Card Data is Required

It is possible to gain access to the application through an account on Google and Facebook account. You don’t need any information regarding payment for the use of the application.

There are no ads

At first, when I learned of Mistplay I was a bit skeptical that it would be packed with ads and I’d have to watch each and every minute of playing. But this isn’t the case.

It doesn’t contain advertisements in the app and you’re able to play without interruptions. See the game for your self.

Young User Age

As I’ve mentioned previously, Mistplay is one of the few apps to earn money that teens are eligible to earn. It is possible to begin earning money and using the app at the age of 13 or more.

Con’s Mistplay

I completely agree with the fact that there’s no perfect application, and Mistplay is a great illustration. There are a few negatives about Mistplay that I did not like:

Low Earnings Per Hour

Potential earnings are different for each person However, you’re unlikely to earn more than $1.00 for each hour you play online games with Mistplay. It’s not a problem if you’re playing just for fun and making a few dollars but don’t expect to be rich from the online cash-making opportunities.

Only accessible for Android device users

You can’t access the app if are using an iPhone because there’s not an IOS Mistplay version Mistplay app as of yet. It’s in the process however.

Not every game is Available

The games you play regularly on your mobile may not be accessible on Mistplay. Mistplay app. It’s possible to be bored If you find the games available on the Mistplay app to be boring.

It’s more difficult to earn Units As You Progress

The rate of earning for the unit will significantly reduce as you advance upwards in the game. This could limit the amount of rewards you’re able get.

The Country and age of your child Determine if you can download Mistplay

Anyone under 13 and not residing in the mentioned countries cannot use the application.

The Final Words

Mistplay is a legit business however it’s not like the majority of businesses that make money online. It is a small amount of cash, and you’re not paid in cash, but gift cards.

Certain people will be benefited by the Mistplay application. It’s a fantastic app for people who spend much of their time playing games on their smartphones.

It is not possible to restrict users using iPhones, as well as people younger then 13. These restrictions limit the number of people who are keen to use the application.

This is an excellent application that I believe could let you in on a number of doors and generate an entirely new set of income-generating opportunities. This lets you make money doing things that you do for joy.

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