Fundrise Review 2022: Pros, Cons & Features

Fundrise Review 2022: Fundrise is an internet-based real estate business which lets average or not rich -investors purchase residential and commercial properties by pooling their funds via an investment portal.

The main product offered by Fundrise is REITs, or real estate investment trusts or REITs. They typically invest in real estate that generates income by either purchasing and managing properties or holding mortgages. Fundrise refers to its products as “eREITs.” Fundrise also provides eFunds in which investorspool their money to be used to purchase lots, build housing, and later sell it. Fundrise also has its own Interval Fund, which offers more liquidity and greater diversification than other funds.

Investors can purchase parts of Interval Fund, eREIT or an eFund when they purchase one of the Fundrise portfolios that includes Starter and Supplemental Income, as well as Balanced Investing, or Long-term Growth. Fundrise decides on what mix of eREITs and eFunds within each plan, and the properties that are used as the foundation. Fundrise also provides Advanced and Premium account levels, with which investors have access to a larger selection of real estate projects, in addition to other benefits and features.

Fundrise Review 2022


Fundrise is the ideal choice for

  • Investors with a long-term perspective.
  • People looking to diversify away from bonds and stocks.
  • Investors who want to perform the due due diligence on their own.

The features of Fundrise that you need to know

Accessible to investors who are not accredited Some platform for real estate are open exclusively accessible to licensed investors who are defined by U.S. laws on securities as possessing an asset worth greater than $1 million, without excluding their home’s worth or an annual income of no less than $200,000 for an individual or $300,000 for a couplehowever, many of Fundrise’s services are open for all types of investors. (Other property platforms available to non-accredited investors comprise RealMogul, Modiv and DiversyFund.)

Minimum investment is low If you’re intrigued by the idea of investing in private real estate transactions but don’t have huge sums of sum of money, Fundrise might suit you.

Simple to use platform: Signing up takes around 10 minutes, for those who have read through the long disclosures for investors (and you must). Enter your address, contact number, as well as your Social Security number, and then you decide whether you want to transfer funds to your account through the ACH wire transfer (i.e. connecting to your account at a bank) through entering your bank account information yourself or making wire transfer.

Redeeming shares: Fundrise offers a redemption program that lets investors sell their shares to Fundrise however, they have to pay 1% in return to the fund, when they have not kept their shares for a minimum of five years.

Fundrise might delay or stop redemptions in times that are characterized by extreme economic uncertainty. It did this in March 2020as a result of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. It then began being back in operation in July 2020. The other companies that operate in this area are also using similar methods and it’s to consider when looking at investing in real property.

Interval Fund: As a more liquid alternative to eREITs and eFunds. Investors can participate of the Fundrise Interval Fund, which features an improved way to access your invested funds in the form of quarterly repurchase opportunities. Contrary to eREITs or eFunds, there’s no fee for liquidating Interval Fund shares quarterly.

In addition to the added liquidity in addition to increased liquidity, it also offers liquidity. Interval Fund is larger than other Fundrise funds. This means it is able to have more assets in it and provide greater diversification than other funds. It also has all the benefits of EREITs and eFunds.

Non-traded REITs: Fundrise’s EREITs aren’t traded on a public exchange. They’re in liquid. There’s no way to know if there’ll be investors willing to pay for shares if they are looking to sell shares. (Check the details of this cautionary note of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA for more details about the risks to be aware of when dealing with REITs that are not traded.)

There are a lot of risks involved in investing in non-traded REITs but there are positives also. Fundrise claims that its average annualized platform returns ranged between 7.31 percent and 16.11 percent from 2017 to in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Alternately, you can invest in REITs traded publicly which trade on exchanges similar to stocks. Numerous top brokers offer an array of REITs.

Additional fees may be charged: Fundrise says it saves investors money by establishing an extremely direct connection between real estate investors and investors. There is no broker-dealer who acts as a middleman for Fundrise which helps reduce expenses. But, as with every real estate transaction there are costs which are not easy for investors to comprehend. Although Fundrise is clear about its advisory and asset management costs, Fundrise also notes that it reserves the right to charge additional charges, like liquidation or development fees in relation to particular assets. Although these fees are included in the numerous circulars that are available but they aren’t easily accessible through the main website.

Is Fundrise right for you?

There’s plenty to love regarding real estate investment as a means for diversifying your investment portfolio as well. Fundrise platform is simple to use.

It’s also the case that platforms for real estate that are crowdfunded like Fundrise aren’t yet test during a real estate-driven recession. For instance, in the event of a crash in the housing market, Fundrise could be forced to delay redemptions for certain investors. (There are a lot of unknowns in this and if you’re averse to risk you should know that there are many ways to make money investing in real estateand we’ll provide five strategies in this article.) Also, it is worth noting that even though Interval Funds aren’t penalized for late redemption, Interval Fund has no penalties for early redemption, EREITS and eFunds at the Advanced, Core and Premium levels could have the early redemption charge of 1percent. Investors worried about this could prefer investing with a standard brokerage account, which allows investors access to a vast selection of investments.

If you have an diversified portfolio of bonds and stocks and you’re willing to let your money rest for at minimum five years, investing on a platform such as Fundrise could be a option to add real estate your portfolio. Make sure that you are aware of the potential risks and conduct the necessary research.

Pros & Cons


  • A low minimum investment.
  • All investors are welcome.
  • Easy-to-use website.
  • IRA accounts available.


  • A highly liquid investment.
  • Fees are often difficult to comprehend.
  • complex investments which require due diligence.

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