Opinion Outpost Review 2022 | Is Filling Out Surveys Even Worth Your Time?

Opinion Outpost Review 2022: Opinion Outpost is an online platform that claims you can earn a hefty amount of cash through surveys you can complete in your free time. But do you think Opinion Outpost real and truly is it a legitimate way to earn or is it just a fraud?

With all the survey sites on the market, it’s crucial to be aware so that you don’t waste your time.

Opinion Outpost Review 2022

Opinion Outpost Review 2022

What exactly is Opinion Outpost? What do the site have to offer?

Opinion Outpost is owned by the large market research company Dynata (previously known as Survey Sampling International, LLC).

It offers a variety of platforms that cater to various regions (more on the nations that you can join in the future) However, the information it provides is basically identical regardless of the platform you’re looking to join. This review will tell you what to expect , no matter what country you’re looking to sign up from.

Opinion Outpost has existed since 1977. It’s a trusted firm that has its roots in authentic survey sites.

It doesn’t mean that Opinion Outpost will necessarily be the best choice for you. There are several shared experiences on Opinion Outpost online, which I’ll explain in the next post.

Let’s look at the opportunities that you can avail when you join Opinion Outpost.

Option 1: Opposition Outpost surveys:

Opinion Outpost is a very simple website, since it doesn’t have many choices. It’s simple to use.

The only way to earn money here is to take paid surveys.

The method Opinion Outpost works is that you simply need to join (see the link in the article). After you’ve joined you don’t have to go through the process of determining whether there are any available surveys.

It’s as simple as checking your email inbox, since you will be notified to take part in an upcoming survey that is available to you.

It’s not the one that can provide you with the most opportunities to take surveys however, you can get a fair amount. How much you will receive is contingent on the country you reside in as well as your profile.

Be aware that, like many other survey websites it is not possible to be eligible for every survey you’re offered Don’t be dissatisfied when you receive one you do not have the ability to take. This happens to everyone.

In the case of Opinion Outpost it might happen more frequently than other websites, but there should be an adequate amount of surveys that you are able to complete.

Option 2: Donations to charity:

Surveys are the only way to earn money as members of Opinion Outpost. There is an bonus to being an Opinion Outpost member.

Each month Opinion Outpost donates $10,000 to American Red Cross in honor of the time panelists are spending taking surveys there.

There is no need to do anything else to support this cause and it won’t impact your income. However, I think it is a wonderful idea to make a donation of this amount each month. It is something that helps make Opinion Outpost stand out compared with other survey websites.

As I am a member, it’s great to know that they do this, to my mind.

How do you earn money?

It is important to be aware that you can be paid to complete surveys. But how will Opinion Outpost pay you?

The kind of reward you can earn is according to me an important factor that you must consider when trying to locate the best survey sites. You must ensure that you are your money in a way that works for your needs.

Opinion Outpost actually offers some excellent strategies. For instance, you could, get paid through PayPal, Amazon gift cards or Prepaid MasterCard and various gift cards.

The specific kinds of gift cards and rewards vary based on the country you reside in however PayPal is one of the most popular options across all countries and is a fantastic and straightforward option to earn your cash rewards.

When you participate in surveys through Opinion Outpost, you get money in points. The points are then exchanged for rewards.

The way you make a request for a cash payout is contingent upon the type of reward that you select however, if you wish to purchase Amazon gift card, then you may request it now, after you’ve earned $5 but if you’d like to receive a payment through PayPal you must wait until you’ve earned $10 , however In UK, in the UK you can receive your money in cash when you’ve earned PS2.50.

The exact threshold could vary between countries, however, the overall threshold for payout is pretty low in every country which is fantastic as you’ll get your cash fast.

With the number of surveys available on Opinion Outpost might be a little some time to complete the survey, compared to the most lucrative survey websites which you can typically earn enough money to receive pay out the day you sign up.

How much money could you earn?

Opinion Outpost is not the survey site that offers the greatest chances.

It will certainly provide you with additional opportunities to earn money by giving your opinion however, if you wish to make a decent sum similar to this, you need to be a part of some surveys on the most lucrative survey websites such as Opinion Outpost alone will not provide you with enough opportunities.

However, as an additional site, it could be worth a look.

Are you able to make use of it on mobile devices?

I am thrilled when it is possible to access surveys from my mobile phone, because it’s a fantastic option to be able to surveys whenever they fit into my daily schedule.

Opinion Outpost does not offer an application, which might have made this simpler.

You can nevertheless access Opinion Outpost from your phone. The site is optimized for mobiledevices, which means it appears good across all screens.

Additionally, you don’t really need to sign up to the website to take surveys since you will receive an invitation via emails. As you are able to access your email on your smartphone then you are able to complete Opinion Outpost surveys from it.

Be aware that some surveys may not be optimized for mobile use, so in certain situations it may be necessary to scroll back and forth for a while.

Who is eligible to join Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is available only in certain countries.

In certain countries, it’s under a different title however, it’s the same Opinion Outpost.

In Germany The site in Germany is, for instance, known as MeninungsOrt and in France it’s known as Mon Opinion Compte In Italy Centro di Opinione, in Denmark MitPanel as well In Spain Centro de Opinion.

The countries in which it’s called Opinion Outpost include those of the UK, USA, and Canada.

It is possible to determine if the program can be found in your region by clicking on the join button in the next article.

If you don’t reside within one of these countries in which this panel currently seeking new members,

Can you get support?

It is essential to be aware of the possibility to receive assistance through a survey website. It is hoped that you won’t require it, but occasionally there are issues with your account, and it’s important to knowthat you have an option to seek technical assistance.

Helpdesk is available on Opinion Outpost. On their site, it is possible to post an inquiry or request assistance. On the US website, there’s the number which you can contact.

You can also visit the Opinion Outpost page on Facebook and contact them here. From what I’ve seen there it appears that they have a very responsive staff. Facebook staff is extremely quick in responding to messages and replying to any comments regarding concerns there.

This is a positive indication, as quick responses speak volumes about a business. However, the support for customers appears to not be very good and there are numerous complaints regarding this.

Opinion Outpost complaints

The majority of Opinion Outpost complaints I have read and heard about users being blocked from their account and not being able receive assistance from the Support staff.

This is obviously not a positive sign, and, unfortunately, there’s quite a few negative reviews on Trustpilot regarding issues similar to this.

Certain of these complaints appear to have not been addressed while the case above shows a person who was able to get assistance.

Based on the way Opinion Outpost responds on Facebook it seems like they’re responding to users and are concerned about it. However, it is also apparent that a lot of people are dissatisfied with Opinion Outpost.

Fair enough, but there’s many positively reviewed Opinion Review reviews from Outpost.

This is to help you gain perspectives and also provide different thoughts and experiences to think about in deciding whether joining Opinion Outpost. Or not.

Overall, however appear like Opinion Outpost does have support however, it can sometimes slow and sometimes not very good at finding solutions to issues. This will also vary between countries since the support staff is different across countries.

If you’ve had any positive or negative experiences of your own I would like to hear about it in a post below.

Final decision

Opinion Outpost is a positive and negative place with both side.

Let’s conclude this article by summarizing all the benefits and drawbacks so that you have an overview before you decide whether be a member or not.


  • Free to join
  • Great payout method
  • Payout thresholds that are low
  • Simple to make use of


  • There aren’t as many opportunities as other websites.
  • A few complaints about the slow response

There is a legitimate firm that is behind Opinion Outpost, and it has been in existence for many years.

It may not provide the greatest opportunities for earning however, it could be worthy of consideration as an additional site. It offers excellent payout options as well as a low minimum payout If you have a bit of perseverance, you could earn an extra amount of money.

But, I’d suggest you take a look at the top pay-per-click survey websites in your area and then join one or two of them to Opinion Outpost, since Opinion Outpost alone will not offer enough opportunities to give you the opportunity to make some decent cash from paid surveys.

How do I how do I join Opinion Outpost?

If you’d like to be a part of Opinion Outpost, it is very simple. Click this link, select your country, and register with your email address and name.

Once you’ve signed up after signing up, you must verify your email in order to be able to access the site and start getting surveys.

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